Alddo Molinar on the Importance of Being Passionate in your Profession

Alddo Molinar comes from a family of immigrants, and he is the first U.S citizen in his family. Alddo is an expert anesthesiologist who offers his services in East Ohio Regional Hospital and the Ohio Valley Medical Centre. Alddo Molinar has always exemplified a go-getter spirit since he was a small boy. He used to tackle projects uniquely compared to his peers. Also, Alddo Molinar´s passion for becoming a doctor was fueled by the loss of his grandmother to cancer. He wanted now more than ever to become a doctor in order to ease suffering in others. Alddo attended the University of Texas, where he received his degree in medicine and later went to Cleveland Clinic for his residency. 

Alddo Molinar

Alddo compares the operating room to an airport. The surgical materials have to be sterilized and organized well. Also, he notes that anesthesiologists are just like pilots taking patients to high levels of anesthesia. He also makes himself available in various rooms of the hospital, such as the postoperative rooms, preoperative floors, and the intensive care unit. At 1000hrs, Alddo Molinar takes a break and gets a cup of coffee. He notes that this break is very important for him as it helps him go over the goals of the day and evaluate his progress. Alddo Molinar has exemplary leadership skills and is a strong believer in teamwork and collaboration. 


Alddo has a keen eye for talent, and he works with a great team that helps him in brainstorming ideas. He also loves to write down his ideas so that he can go over them later. Alddo highlights that in order to offer quality patient care, he has to nature and motivate his team towards this endeavor. He is also fascinated with the advancement of technology and its uses in the field of medicine. Artificial Intelligence is being used to monitor important details concerning the patient and can help alert the medical practitioner in case of any abnormality. Alddo Molinar is a motivated individual and likes to keep track of his goals, whether short, middle, or long-term goals. Also, Mr. Molinar advises the younger generation to be mindful of their mental and physical health.