Andrew Frame, Founder Of Citizen App: The Vision, Mission, And Values

Andrew Frame has over 15 years’ experience in the software industry as an entrepreneur and software developer. Prior to founding Citizen, Andrew Frame has been involved in building software for both Fortune 500 companies and well-known start-ups such as Instacart, Uber, Casper, Spotify, and Shopify. Citizen App A simple yet powerful iOS application designed to help Americans keep track of their expenses.

Citizen allows users to track their grocery, entertainment, and utility expenses in a sleek and user-friendly way so that they can spend less on those activities and more on saving and investing. Citizen App Why we built it There are many people who know very little about investing and do not know where to begin. As a result, there are many people who do not have any savings to their name.

What are his achievements?

In addition to building and growing several companies in the United States, Andrew has founded several software firms in both Europe and Asia. Most recently, He started Citizen App, an innovative technology company and mobile app that enables users to instantly document public safety events. How does he attract investment for his company Andrew Frame manages every aspect of his company and hires the best employees, making Citizen a much more attractive proposition to investors?

His top priority is making sure that Citizen always works in the interests of the public and solves a real problem. What is his background and education? Andrew graduated from high school at 16. His father set up a financial service company to provide insurance and finance for medical professionals. See this article for additional information.

How did he start out

My mother owned a business; so, I was inspired by my mom, her business acumen and the value of being entrepreneur-focused, so I wanted to do the same thing. How did the idea for Citizen come about?

Andrew Frame: Two years ago, we were working on a business application for crowdfunding and with that we wanted to create an alternative to Apple’s iTunes and Google Play Store, so we created this app called CcRaMbEnergy that was supposed to be a way to buy discounted music and movies.

Andrew Frame: I was telling my friends about it and they asked me how you pay, and I knew that we needed some kind of service that we could charge in addition to credit cards, so I thought that maybe we should charge for the use of the app.


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