Haroldo Jacobovicz Shares Advice of Growing a Business

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s celebrated as one of the top tech sector business leaders and entrepreneurs in South America. He founded and heads of the Horizons Telecom, an industry-leading telecommunications company in Brazil. Haroldo launched the company in 2010, and he has grown it into a conglomerate. In 2021, he started a sister company Horizons Datacenter to provide cloud-based solutions to enterprises. He made the move after noticing that enterprises in Brazil were looking to take advantage of cloud solutions to safeguard the operation after disruptions caused by the pandemic. During a recent interview, this Brazilian tech entrepreneur shared advice on growing a business.

Do sufficient proper preparations before executing an idea


Haroldo Jacobovicz pointed out that he learned early on in his entrepreneurship career that proper preparations were necessary before executing an idea for a business leader who wants to grow their company. He revealed that his first entrepreneurial attempt, Microsystem, ended in failure during its first year because he had and the other co-founders usually implemented their ideas by conducting enough preparations. According to Haroldo Jacobovicz, completing proper preparations means that you can develop an excellent strategy for implementing the concept. Additionally, you can figure out any challenges you will encounter when executing the idea and develop the needed solutions or ways to avoid them.

Consistently look for new opportunities


The Horizons Telecom founder mentioned that he is naturally intuitive. This has enabled Haroldo Jacobovicz to have a keen eye for new opportunities even where others might see none. He pointed out that business leaders who want to grow their enterprise should train themselves to look for new opportunities consistently. They will come across numerous paths to success that their businesses can explore. Haroldo Jacobovicz said that it would grow with each new opportunity that their venture explores. He added that one of the best ways for business leaders to find new opportunities is by networking.

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