How Ombori’s Sustainability Solutions Benefit Businesses

Today, Ombori is making waves in the business sector as one of the hottest sustainability-centric startups. The company is best known for its smart recycling bins that make recycling much easier than ever before. World-leading brands like H&M are currently adopting its smart recycling bins to help them become more sustainable. In addition to this, the startup offers a plethora of other products, including Wayfinder, Omni Visit, Digital Signage, and Queue Management. Here’s a look at how the startup’s sustainability solutions benefit businesses.

Increasing revenues

According to Ombori, its sustainability solutions can help businesses increase their revenues by streamlining their purchasing process. Its Queue Management solution means that a company’s customers can make virtual queues, which are easier to manage. Thus, the business can serve more customers than it would otherwise with traditional queues. Studies reveal that the startup’s solutions can minimize queue abandonment by up to 60% and boost impulse buying by 25%.

Increasing efficiency and productivity

Ombori sustainability solutions allow for the automation of routine tasks. Automation of everyday tasks will dramatically increase the efficiency of operations within an organization. In addition, the staff who were previously handling the tasks will be free to do other duties within the organization. Thus, more staff will be focused on the most important duties with a company, resulting in increased productivity.

Increasing client satisfaction and loyalty

Numerous reliable studies have shown that many consumers will pick companies with a sustainability program over their competition when making a purchasing decision. A business relying on Ombori sustainability tools is bound to have one of the most robust sustainability programs; thus, it will have an easier time winning its customers’ loyalty. Moreover, the studies show that a long wait time can drastically affect a customer’s satisfaction. Using tools like Queue Management, a business can eliminate long wait times and increase customer satisfaction. A satisfied client can easily become a loyal client.

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