Meet Nunavik: the newest member to SeaWorld Orlando

Nunavik is an eleven year old beluga whale that was transferred from the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

Nunavik has had quite the journey in his eleven years. Nunavik was born in December 2009 at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. After spending some time there, he was moved to Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium in 2016. Beluga whales can grow up to 18 feet long, but they all vary in length. Nunavik reached to around 13 feet and 4 inches in length. Nunavik has weighed in at 2,030 pounds. They say that a beluga whales usually reach their full size when they are about 10 years old. View more at Youtube to know more.

Nunavik has been said to be very expressive and very vocal with those that he interacts with. The trainer at the Georgia Aquarium has said that it is very hard to see Nunavik go. They say they spend every day with these amazing animals, and that they have formed a very strong bond with them. This interaction helps the animals socialize and is a very important part for them growing up.

Now that Nunavik has left, the Georgia Aquarium has only one male and four females. One of their females, named Whisper, actually gave birth about a year ago, on May 17 2020 to a beautiful girl they’ve named Shila. They just celebrated her first birthday.

While is was hard for the Georgia Aquarium to let go of Nunavik, they said that this new chapter in his life is to help him form a new social group with other beluga whales that are in his same age range. They hope that this will help him to mature and to learn from the other males.

Nunavik can now been seen at SeaWorld Orlando hanging out with his two new beluga brothers Oliver and Grayson. SeaWorld has said that you can even schedule a tour to get up close with these magnificent animals, but make sure you reserve a spot in advance.