A Review of Online Trading Academy’s SEC Press Release

In a recent U.S. House Committee hearing on financial services dubbed Games Stopped, the attendees were exposed to the need for education for investors and retail traders in the financial industry. The term education, alongside learning and training, has widely been used in financial markets. The mention of education spiked the interest of Online Trading Academy, causing it to seek the counsel of a financial expert, Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris. The experienced financial expert took time to review OTA’s learning material, attended the company’s virtual classes, extended the Learning Track online sessions and even reviewed the company’s new all-in-one analysis, trading and education system called CliK. According to Dr. Harris, most institutions ad companies offer limited education on finance with little exposure to derivative markets, trading and investing education offered by OTA. He went further and added that the learning materials and principles used at OTA were of sound economic theories and mirrored some of the courses offered at undergraduate and graduate levels. The financial expert went on to say that OTA’s curriculum and modes of teaching can be compared to universal experiential learning techniques that impart students with lifetime knowledge on how to trade using their own accounts. With these techniques, students are able to cultivate much-needed confidence when trading or investing. When it comes to the financial markets, education is not equal. In some cases, learners need to be exposed to informational, theoretical and, at times to experiential cases. When exposed to practical scenarios, the students are able to overcome the hurdles in trading and investing by actually doing it. Dr. Harris also stated his passion for leveraging technology to boost learning and improve risk management. Something OTA’s CliK platform is set to provide its users. The platform is designed to focus the trader’s individual trading plan, employing OTA’s principles while following the necessary steps to develop disciplined risk management. Follow OTA on Instagram: http://Instagram.com/onlinetradingacademy