About Andrew Frame Career

Andrew Frame is a recognized business figure, CEO, and Citizen’s sole founder. Citizen is a famous mobile app that gives safety alerts to users in real-time. The app monitors 911 communications, and it has radio antennas used to generate signals to its users.

At the age of 15, Andrew Frame started his first technology firm Internet Service Providers, ISP, which quickly became the largest firm in the whole of Las Vegas. At the age of 17 in 1997, Frame joined Cisco Systems, serving as a support engineer. Later, Frame joined the GCOE team, focusing on routing architecture. He showed his expertise in work, and due to that, he received CCIE Certification during his first year of working with the company. The certification made him the youngest person to have ever won this certification.

In 2001, he joined Procket Networks and became its test engineer. He worked for the company until 2004, when he established Ooma, a consumer VoIP firm located in Palo Alto, CA. The company had committed technology executives like Mike Ramsey, Ariba, Sean Parker, and Keith Krach, who worked hard to oversee its success. By 2007, the company raised $27 million from Worldview Partners and Draper Fisher.

According to the Citizen CEO, to be a successful entrepreneur, you must surround yourself with mission-oriented people. Ensure you hire or work with more intelligent people than you for them to challenge you. Again, it would be best to be careful about what you do. Prioritize the most important things because you may lose direction if you try to do things simultaneously. Before bringing an idea to life, ask yourself, how will I do it, why am I doing it, and will it help the intended audience?

Additionally, he urges upcoming entrepreneurs to take user feedback seriously. Ensure you interact with your consumers and understand how they feel about a particular product, where they need improvement, and which products they most enjoy. Visit this page to learn more.


Additional information about Frame can be found on https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/person/18425349