Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Strives to Take Hawkers Globally

The fashion industry is growing tremendously due to changing consumer tastes and preferences. To respond to the unique tastes, Hawkers, a company that designs high-quality sunglasses, was founded.

After recording unparalleled success in Spain, the company started incurring losses. The company sort for help from Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to revive the fashion giant. During the tenure of Alejandro as President, the company has made a name as an outstanding fashion firm globally.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, together with other investors, approached reviving the company by strengthening leadership, and Nacho Puig was appointed as the new CEO of the company’s business development and operations.
Having succeeded in Spain, Alejandro expanded the distribution of Hawkers to entire Europe, North America, and Asia. In 2018, he injected 20 million Euros into his investment, becoming the main shareholder.

Even with knockbacks along the way, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez encourages his colleagues to continue working hard. Moreover, he encourages them to keep getting up whenever they fall.

The fashion giant has expanded its horizon over the years and now has over 200 employees with offices in Los Angeles, Elche, Barcelona, Mexico City, and Hong Kong. With Alejandro Betancourt Lopez at the company’s helm, it has managed to get market in over 50 countries worldwide and has sold over 4.5 billion sunglasses.

Digital Marketing

The fashion company was among the first ones to tap the benefits of social media marketing. They leveraged Facebook marketing to gain recognition and increase sales. Currently, the company has over 6.6 million likes on Facebook, being one of the most renowned fashion companies on social media.

The company’s main distribution channel is online. This distribution channel has helped the company keep its sunglasses’ price lower than its competitors without compromising quality. Amazingly, more than 90% of sales of the company emanate from online advertising.

Brand Ambassadors

Another brilliant marketing technique used by the fashion company is the recruitment and deployment of brand ambassadors. Through its campus representative program, the company recruited more than 5,000 college students to lead marketing campaigns on all campuses.

Brand ambassadors take advantage of their social media popularity to promote the company’s products in exchange for prizes, including concert and festival tickets and plane tickets. In addition, the brand ambassadors help bring new ideas to life and generate excitement about the brand.