Bhanu Choudhrie in the Aviation Sector

Entrepreneurship is a journey that requires a particular set of skills and a mindset ready to take any forthcoming obstacle. One entrepreneur who seems to have tackled all the odds and ventured into the aviation industry is Bhanu Choudhrie. He founded the Alpha Aviation Group more than a decade ago, and the company is involved in simulator training for commercial airlines.

The aviation sector is one key industry that has been resistant to change and sticks to traditional ways of doing things. With the incumbent company Alpha Aviation Group, many things are bound to change. The traditional methods that involved new pilots training to small jets before they could transition to the larger aircraft.

The Aviation Group has a different concept as learners start flying the airplanes that they will be operating right from the training stage. The old idea of training has been in existence for over eighty decades, and a lot of innovation has taken place. The new concept of training is beneficial to learners are at par with the technological advancements in the plane.

The pandemic paralyzed many industries, and the aviation sector has not been left. Despite the strides the industry had made, the pandemic seemed to overpower. Many airlines were left grounded, and there was minimal activity. Despite the effort, the different governments played in injecting funds to the renowned airlines.

The small airlines did not receive the same amount of support. Bhanu Choudhrie made the observation and has several projections moving forward post-pandemic. He advises vital industry players in the aviation sector to cut down on the number of planes in operation.

Bhanu Choudhrie is optimistic that the aviation sector will thrive, but technological advancements have to occur. The other notable change that he is keen on implementing is introducing a remote learning program for pilots. Apart from managing the company he is a consultant for companies in the hospitality sector. Bhanu Choudhrie serves on various financial boards.

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