Change –Driven Leadership: RoyaleLife’s CEO Bob Bull

Robert Bull, aka Bob Bull, is the CEO of RoyaleLife, a company founded in 1945. Bob has become an instrumental part of the company leading it to become the largest bungalow provider in the UK. The company’s growth is driven by its revolutionary approach to housing in the UK. Together with his team, Bob identified that many individuals close to retiring were facing challenges in managing between financial flexibility and demand for quality living conditions.

Bob Bull and the company moved to provide a solution to this problem through the Home Exchange Program. According to Bob, the program allows people above 45 years to buy bungalows through RoyaleLife, exchanging them with their homes at the current market value. The bungalows on sale are single-story to reduce their maintenance costs and fully furnished to move in quickly.

According to Robert Bull, the program’s success can be attributed to his employee-centered, customer-based business model. He states that he prefers to work with his employees as opposed to having employees working for him. He also says that he has built himself up, having had to learn about property markets and the intrigues of providing good deals to his clients by himself.

To Robert Bull, the program is community-focused. He states that RoyaleLife’s programs allow people to cut maintenance costs associated with large properties while also ensuring a quality life experience. The company does not live anything to chance, and Bob leads his employees to ensure that clients are delighted. According to Bob, the business model he implements focuses on helping the client rather than helping the business and inspires his employees to achieve the best.

Robert Bull firmly believes in leading by example. His schedule, which spans more than 17 hours, has become a source of professional motivation and dedication. He states that he considers confidence a vital part of his success story as, through confidence, he has learned many things he did not know and risen to become a top CEO for a leading company.