Dickey’s BBQ Franchise Defied The Pandemic, Recording Incredible Growth

When the Coronavirus pandemic emerged in early 2020, various countries introduced safety measures. While this was a step to ensure everyone’s safety, it interrupted business operations in the US and worldwide. There is no other sector that suffered the regulatory impacts than restaurant because; it’s more vulnerable.

Safety measures were put in place affecting the operations of various eateries. Some businesses were resilient enough and survived, while others had to shut down completely. The total sales dropped from $899 billion to $240 billion in 2021. Over 2 million Americans working in the restaurant sector lost their jobs.

The primary survival determinant was an organization’s creativity and ability to respond to the new normal. This is where the story of Dickey’s Franchise Guarantee comes in. Despite the pressure and all kinds of challenges, Dickey’s company developed new tactics to keep its operations intact.

Pivoting the business models enabled Dickey’s BBQ Franchise to survive the pandemic and expand. It managed a 200% increase in online sales, with a steady rise in direct restaurant sales for six months consecutively. Dickey’s tactics will remain relevant even after the pandemic since they match the new lifestyle in practice globally.

Among Dickey’s pivots to remain applicable post the Pandemic:

Restaurants will automate their operations to optimize the workplace for better performance. It’ll also help in retaining the workers.

Increased AI usage to speed up and manage various management practices including data analysis, making orders, and sending notifications.

Use of “Food Delivery Apps”. It became popular and will be a game-changer due to the restrictions hindering in-person services.

There is increased use of e-commerce platforms to buy foods online. Go here for related Information.


About Dickey’s BBQ Franchise

Dickey’s is a renowned American BBQ restaurant based in Dallas, TX. Since its founding in 1994, Dickey’s BBQ has been under the perfect family’s management, enabling it to make tremendous achievements. Today, it has more than 500 franchises in various locations, making it the largest in the United States.


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