Don Manifold is an Inspiring Speaker

Don Manifold is a world-renowned motivational speaker and author of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Your Heart,” an inspiring story about a powerful experience in his life that changed his perspective, shifted his focus, and ultimately set him on the path of true happiness. He drew from this experience to write “The Bullfrog Principle:

A Simple Way to Grow Rich,” which shows how when we follow our impulses with courage and determination, great things happen for us. Our goals become attainable, and our dreams come true! This book has been translated into a dozen languages and is recognized as one of the best business books ever written.

His Achievements

For over thirty years, Don Manifold has worked in diverse business settings in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. He was president of two U.S.-based companies, chairman of a manufacturing company in Japan, and a director of a diversified international corporation with offices in five countries. A former Management Consultant with The McKinsey Company,

Don Manifold is an inspiring speaker, and his messages have inspired audiences worldwide, particularly at corporations and organizations that are dedicated to continuing education for their management teams. He has also been a popular television and radio guest on shows like ABC’s Good Morning America, Adelaide ,CNN’s “Talk Back Live,” WFAA-TV’s Morning Show, and NBC’s “The Today Show.”

On a personal note, Manifold lives in Dallas with his wife, Rie Yamaguchi, a Director of Investor Relations at Compucredit Corporation. They have two sons, Miles and Ryan. He is an independent director of Meridian Bioscience Inc., the largest blood screening company in the U.S., and a director of Biovica International Corporation (Biovica), Adelaide ,a Japanese-based virtual healthcare company. He is also Chairman of Kubota Pacific Corp.

In addition to being a successful businessman and business speaker, Manifold is a great believer in the power of laughter and a genuine sense of humor. His personality and his approach to life are refreshingly down-to-earth and fun. While business is serious and most of us have myriad problems, Don keeps things positive with his book “The Bullfrog Principle: A Simple Way to Grow Rich.” He uses the term “bullfrog” rather than “bulls—” because he tries to be positive. His goal is to show us how we can turn our lives around by following our impulses with courage and determination instead of trying to change ourselves all the time to know more click here.