Eugene Plotkin is a Professional Writer

Eugene Plotkin is a professional writer and editor who has been writing about science and technology for the past twenty years.

He obtained his degree in Journalism from San Jose State University. Eugene Plotkin enjoys traveling with his wife, as well as online slots. Energy harvesting, or the generating of electrical power from external sources like vibration or heat, is on the rise nowadays.


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TransTech Innovation Institute, which initiated the project and performed most of the research on micro energy harvesters based on single-layer graphene, received a prestigious award in 2013. The award was presented to Prof. Chae Ho Shin at Stanford University.

The team was also awarded the Advanced Power and Energy Materials Expo 2013, which is held in Barcelona.

In 2012, he won the Business Excellence Award from the Department of Energy’s Student Power Network, which shared recognition as one of the best student groups in North America. He was also picked from the top 5% of candidates to present the research at the Demo Day of General Electric’s Energy Conversion Systems.

Besides, he has written articles for Tech News Weekly, MIT Technology Review, and Tesla Motors. He also provided a write-up on Tesla’s patents.

He has been editing and writing articles for IEEE Spectrum on technology related to nanotechnology. Eugene is a member of the Bay Area Nanotechnology Advisory Council. He has been providing guest lectures at MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, UC Irvine and U.C. San Diego.

IMO Award

Eugene Potkin is one of the winners of the prestigious 2013 IMO Award organized by the Institute of Materials Science in Asia. The award is given to young male and female scientific researchers in Asia for their significant achievements in science, technology and engineering. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton presented the award at a ceremony held at the National Convention Center in Beijing.

Eugene Potkin was born on December 19, 1974, in Los Angeles County, California.

He has four children, one daughter and three sons. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. In October 2013, Eugene Potkin’s startup company TransTech Innovation Institute achieved several breakthroughs in the development of energy harvesting technology through research conducted at Stanford University to be used for small-scale power generation and wireless communications applications. Professor Chae Ho Shin founded the Institute at Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science & Engineering, and CEO Dr. Raymund Chao, Founder and CEO of Nanophotonix Corporation.

In general, the energy harvesting techniques used in today’s technology rely on the external utilization of mechanical waves like vibration, cold storage or heat density. However, the energy harvesting process studied by TransTech Innovation Institute and other research groups utilizes the mechanical characteristics of single-layer graphene. A study conducted by TransTech Innovation Institute on this technique shows that the current extracted from a vibrating transducer is ten times larger than from an electrode.

The research conducted in 2012 showed that through a process known as electro-catalytic polishing, as much as 50% additional energy could be generated by graphene’s natural vibration. This technique generates a constant supply of power from ambient mechanical vibrations. The proposed theory is based on the surface plasmon resonance phenomenon discovered in 1925 by British physicist Sir George Paget Thomson. It is estimated that by using this principle, it is possible to increase energy generation capability from 0.02 W/cm2 to 0.2 W/cm2 for every square centimeter of graphene that is used to capture ambient vibration energy. TransTech Innovation Institute’s research results have received considerable attention in academic circles and industry and government organizations worldwide.