Evolution of Vinod Gupta’s Business

Vinod Gupta is the former CEO and board chairman of Infogroup company as well as managing general partner at Everest group. Being born and brought up in India, Vinod Gupta acquired a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, two masters in the University of Nebraska, and three doctorate degrees. His studies were on engineering and business administration, which helped him have a strong background in databases and the information services industry. His field started as a market researcher in a commodore corporation dealing with a mobile home manufacturing company. As a market researcher for mobile home dealers, Vinod Gupta found no available resources for his work since the internet had not evolved.

The project Vinod Gupta was running wouldn’t work at the workstation due to thick books that made it impossible for anybody to navigate the room at a commodore corporation. Therefore, he turned his garage into a research area. Upon completing his project, Vinod was able to mail more than 1000 mobile home manufacturers for a month, which turned him a profit on revenue of $44,000. That made him move from the garage where he did his side project that became a company of its own. Later on, Vinod Gupta’s idea was to become a company dealing with business research services. He later retired being a CEO to focus on the establishment of academic and vocational institutes.

Starting from a humble beginning, Vinod Gupta has transformed many lives and is a dream coming true. He has portrayed the value of humanity by donating wealth he acquires to charity which amounts to $50 million up to date. An excellent example of a charity that displays giving back to the community is when he established Shrimati Ram Rati Women’s polytechnic in his home village, which was named after his mother. Also, donation of $2 million to IIT Kharagpur allows the school to offer an MBA program. The success of Vinod in his business has portrayed the power of education in the transformation.