Fascination: Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is the type of person who likes the word challenge. Greg likes to do different things and not be held back by conventional thinking. He has tried many different things over the years and been happy with his success. One of the things he did was to travel to the city of Telluride, Colorado and he fell head over heels for it. Here is more on the journey of Greg Blatt and how things have come full circle.

Greg Blatt is always on the move. He likes to travel and when he visited Telluride in his formative years, he knew he would come back. He wanted to travel the world first and figure things out for himself. That is the way he works.

After Greg Blatt finished traveling the world, he settled into a law career and applied at Columbia. He was accepted and earned his Juris Doctorate. He spent more than thirty years of his life being a success with one thing or another.

First it was Martha Stewart and then it was a small dating site called Tinder, which flourished under his command. Telluride though was never out of his mind and he knew he wanted to to go back there. Now he has.

Telluride is a city that Greg Blatt loves because it has remained the same even though he has been away for a long time. He likes that it is the same place as it was when he left. That is the magic of the city for him. He has made friends in the town and hopes to enjoy being in the small town for a while. He can take pride in what he has done over the years and enjoy the bookend to his story. He can really take it easy now. Go here for additional information.


View his LinkedIn profile on https://www.linkedin.com/in/greg-blatt-a795a35b