Foreign Real Estate Investment in Portugal: Most Popular Cities

Portugal’s pleasant weather, inexpensive cost of living, delectable food, excellent safety reputation, stunning beaches, and natural surroundings are just a few of the country’s many drawcards. It is not surprising that foreigners are considering investing in Portugal. The Golden Visa Program also enticed most foreigners to seek residency through real estate.

Lisbon, Loule, Cascais, Porto, and Albuferia are Portugal’s five most appreciated real investment cities. For this reason, Luis Horta e Costa and his partners founded their company in Lisbon in 2016.


Beyond its vibrant cobblestone alleys, superb food, and history that extends back thousands of years, Lisbon, Portugal’s trendy capital city, is attractive for many reasons. Given that Portugal has a greater level of English proficiency, Lisbon is the destination for foreigners who speak the language. Lisbon real estate is also less expensive than other European cities with comparable sophistication, even though it is a global city.


Albufeira hugs the shore and is home to historic Moorish castle ruins, charming squares, and churches from the eighteenth century. With its rocky cliffs and brilliant blue Ocean, the town features a stretch of some of Europe’s greatest beaches.


Americans are the greatest lovers of Cascais, ranked fourth among the cities where foreigners are most likely to purchase real estate in Portugal. The location draws tourists who love the stunning beaches and sports like sailing and surfing.


North Americans are the top foreign buyers of property in Porto, which is ranked fifth. Baroque churches and antique residences can be seen all around the hillside city.

Experts like Luis Horta e Costa must comprehend what the market wants while presenting something fresh as foreigners continue to feel their pulses accelerate regarding Portugal’s real estate chances. In response, Luis claims that he and his team at Square View collaborate with expert designers to produce innovative interpretations of Portuguese architectural style.