Miki Agrawal Founded the Period Underwear Brand

Miki Agrawal is the founder of a successful, morally-questionable brand and business. Miki Agrawal’s path has been unconventional and, at times, controversial.

However, someone who has had success in fashion and business can provide an understanding of how to succeed in those fields.

Agrawal founded the period underwear brand, Tushy, to offer an alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products. Agrawal has called Tushy “the future of feminine products.”


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She is also the co-founder and former CEO of Thinx. Thinx is a female underwear brand that offers leak-proof protection for periods; it also works as regular underwear.

Miki Agrawal claims to have invented the idea behind Thinx at 23.
Miki Agrawal’s company, Tushy (2016 revenue: $24 million), makes adult incontinence pads that are high-end with an edgy aesthetic, which is “sexy,” according to some critics.

Miki Agrawal’s company, THINX (2015 revenue: $1.7 million), designer, and the major competitor of Tushy, makes adult incontinence pads that are high-end with an edgy aesthetic.

The television show on TLC called “The Sex Business” follows Miki Agrawal as she works at THINX. Tushy is also featured on the television show. She has also been featured in the media for her controversial opinions on menstruation.

Agrawal disagrees with tampon ads. She thinks that the “hygienic” look of the product is what consumers want and that women should drop their feminine hygiene products or use them infrequently because of cost rather than hygiene concerns.

She also says that tampons are “just too expensive,” but she can offer a more hygienic alternative such as Tushy pads.