Simon Denyer is a journalist, author, husband and father of two children. He is an educated man as he is a graduate of the University College London and was a scholar at Yale, Harvard and Cambridge. Simon Denyer has worked in Beijing, China, as the bureau chief of papers Asia section. Before being given the Washington Post, Simon Denyer served as a Reuters bureau chief and the financial times. He has been a writer. He has covered several topics, including North Korea’s missile tests, violence between Tibetans and Chinese settlers due to ethnicity, how Japan struggles for human rights, the Indian democracy movement and Pakistan’s nuclear ambitions.

He is an author and has written three books Rogue Elephant, The Dragons Gift and Among the hoods. The Rogue Elephant book talks about India’s unruly Democracy. In his book Indian politics, Simon Denyer talks about a turning point from Nehru Gandhi’s family regime that governed the country during the post-independence years. The book also spoke about patriots like news anchor Arnab Goswami, Arvind Kejriwal, who conducted anti-corruption crusades with people running daily campaigns against corruption. The Dragons Gift talks about China’s economic rise, and Simon’s book Among The Hoods talks about the time Denyer used covering gangs in London for Reuters and Washington post.

Simon Denyer is also among the journalists whose articles were among the winning articles in the Washington Post. Simon also has won several awards for his journalism. His writing beyond the limit that’s talking about how climate chain reaction endangers the heart of pacific has won a prize. He also won the British Foreign Correspondent award, which took place in the year 2004. He was among the best reporters, where he was awarded the SOPA award from the society of publishers in Asia. His team won Emmy and Pulitzer prizes and other awards. Simon joined the board Perform group in the year 2007, where he is the founder and CEO. The group is responsible for planned development for digital sports content, geographical growth and commercial perspective.