The Life of Marwan Kheireddine

Marwan Kheireddine is motivated by youth development, especially in the area of his profession. His obligation has always been to uplift the youth’s mentality in business leadership. Being a Lebanese by origin, he is also a professor at the American University of Beirut. He was fortunate to educate several students in different courses, such as Commercial Banking, and was successfully expelled. He attended Columbia University in the City of New York to study Accounting and Finance, which he transmitted to the world by teaching the upcoming generation of the youths. He admires his work and how his students have been influenced by his artwork. Marwan Kheireddine expresses his emotions on the positive vibes he gets from the people he has been in contact with since his greatest desire has always been to give back to society.

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Marwan Kheireddine has been associated with board management in the school of Beirut, helping in academic programs. He is also the founder of the board of directors of the Lebanon chapter of Endeavor. His discovery in the entrepreneurship sector has been of help, especially for non-governmental organizations. His prominence has rapidly increased in the Lebanon community, enabling him to be shown on different shows such as CNN. Marwan and his colleague Richard Branson developed new job vacancies for their people immediately after the introduction of Virgin Megastores. Marwan Kheireddine has extended his ways of creating YOUTHinc, which builds a concrete leadership skill that helps youths initiate significant investments.

His submissiveness has built a mental culture for the youths and featured many concerts such as Summer of 69 that liberated the community’s morale. His work has been supported by the Former Minister of State, which helped stabilize the youth projects. Marwan Kheireddine AM Bank advisor has entitled the Chief’s president position, allowing the organization to prosper economically.