The Professional Achievements of Don Manifold

Don Manifold is the founder of Manifold Advisory Partners and Joint Managing Director of Equity & Advisory, located in Adelaide, South Australia. He holds a professional experience of more than 30 years in the advisory firm, 25 of them being a specialist in corporate finance.

Don has advised more than 60 completed divestments, acquisitions, IPOs, and capital raisings, with all having a combined value in excess of $3 billion. He has helped produce valuation and self-sufficient reports for business firms with a value in excess of $25 billion.

Don Manifold grew up in Mount Gambier. He is a family man married to Rachel, and they have three children. He holds a degree in accounting and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. Don has attained a professional accomplishment by becoming the Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

It is a unique organization that supports and promotes chartered accountants in New Zealand and Australia.

Before joining Equity & Advisory, he worked in various industries, including manufacturing, information technology, agriculture, retail, and consumer goods. He also got engaged in notable deals in different countries across the world. He has advised many of Australia’s high-profile organizations, including the acquisition of Adelaide Bank, the sale of S. Kidman & Co, and the acquisition of ABB Grain, amongst others.

Don Manifold acknowledges that the primary purpose for Equity & Advisory was to create wealth for their clients, which in turn makes wealth for the communities. With that being the priority, the firm has grown tenfold in the last four years. His favorite quote is ‘work hard, be humble.

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