The Yubo App Safety Guide and How It Can Help You Stay Safe

Yubo was created to be a video-sharing and interaction platform with members worldwide. They help people, particularly teenagers, to connect. A live stream is an event hosted on the platform where content creators broadcast live video streams from their phones. This event is available to all members, not just those who use the app.

Using app

You can access the social media platform anywhere and anytime. The social platform has a dedicated mobile application for users who want to stream from the app or website. Other sites that allow videos streaming include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, and Vimeo.

Why Is Yubo Safe?

  1. Modesty. Users are not allowed to show their private areas.
  2. Anonymity. The app requires each user to be verified by their real names and link their phone number to the app.
  3. Camera Filters. The social platform allows streamers to apply different camera filters to video. Streamers are encouraged to share their content, but everyone is anonymous.
  4. Long Form Video. The platform offers a wide range of live video options, including long-form videos that will last about 30 minutes.

Yubo Community Guidelines

  • Alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs are not allowed to be posted or used on the app.
  • The app strictly prohibits violence, degrading language, sexist, racist, or hateful comments or content.
  • The platform emphasizes the importance of having a “positive sense of self” and can remove and block users who encourage others to harm themselves.
  • Users are prohibited from using profanity.
  • Users may not distribute copyrighted material or post advertising without permission.
  • Users are also prohibited from sharing copyrighted materials in the app chatrooms or broadcasting content that infringes on another’s rights or is illegal.

How Do Yubo Protect Users?

The app has built-in tools that enable users to identify themselves on the app accurately. By matching unique users’ profiles to an entry in the app’s database, users have the ability to confirm their identity while engaging in live chat. The real-time interventions in Yubo’s live streaming process encourage users to be more aware of how they behave and interact on the app.

The company takes every violation seriously and has established strict guidelines for interacting in live streams. Yubo has also developed a camera-blocking feature, which prevents live streams from broadcasting photos and selfies. The app is also designed to protect children. An adult must accompany all users under the age of 13 with the app installed.