Vik Bansal Discusses Australia’s Sustainability Improvement Plan

Vik Bansal is one of the most notable business leaders in the Australian waste management and recycling industry. He heads Cleanaway, the nation’s leading waste manager. During a recent interview, he discussed the country’s sustainability improvement plan.

Australia’s waste crisis

The Cleanaway CEO mentioned that Australia, like other developed nations, produces a lot of waste. He said that industry statistics indicate that the country creates about 70 million tons of waste yearly. Unfortunately, only a small portion of this waste is recycled, and most of it is dumped in landfills. One of the causes of the abysmal waste recycling in the country is that many consumers dumb their waste in bins and never think much about whether it will get recycled. Vik Bansal stated that this results in high levels of waste contamination; thus, even the waste that could have been easily recycled ends impossible to recycle. On the other hand, the waste management industry in Australia has not grown fast enough to catch up with the increased need for waste recycling. Many of the recyclers are using old equipment with very low efficiency.

The solution

This iconic business leader noted that the Australian government had introduced the Recycling Modernization Fund as the solution to the waste management industry. This fund has $134 million, which will be distributed to waste management and recycling companies to help purchase new equipment and maximize their recycling capacity. The Cleanaway CEO said that the government was also introducing a consumer education campaign to improve consumer waste dumbing practices for easier recycling.

About Vik Bansal

This acclaimed business leader has an exciting background as a business leader. Before taking over the leadership of Cleanaway in Australia, he was in Omaha, Nebraska, serving as the CEO of the multi-billion dollar global manufacturing and engineering firm, Valmont Industries. At one point, Vik Bansal headed Valmont Industries’ Asia Pacific operations and held a senior executive position at Eaton Corporation.

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