Wes Edens: An Investor With an Affinity for the Underdog

Wes Edens is a man who knows how to make money. As an investor, he has a keen eye for spotting potential in undervalued businesses and turning them into profitable enterprises. But it’s not just his business acumen that makes him successful; Wes also has an affinity for the underdog. This characteristic has served him well in his investing career, and it’s one of the reasons he has had such success with companies like Blackstone and Fortress Investment Group.

Wes Edens was born in 1961 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He attended Oregon State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in finance. After graduation, he went to work for Lehman Brothers as a mortgage trader. During his time at Lehman, Wes first started to develop his investment strategy of finding undervalued businesses and investing in them.

In 1992, Wes and his business partner, Robert Kauffman, founded Fortress Investment Group. What started as a small investment firm has now grown into a global financial institution with over $70 billion in assets under management. Wes is currently the co-chairman and CEO of Fortress, which he has helped to grow into one of the world’s most successful private equity firms.

In addition to his work at Fortress, Wes is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and a minority owner of the Major League Soccer team, the Colorado Rapids. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. and New Senior Investment Group.

Wes Edens is a successful investor and businessman with a proven track record of finding undervalued companies and turning them into profitable enterprises. He is someone who believes in the underdog and has a passion for helping others succeed. Wes Edens is an inspiration to many people, and they can learn a lot from his success story.